“everybody’s next door neighbor; who just happens to be hilarious”



One of the most successful club comics of the past 10 years, Matt Golightly’s act has been described as “incredibly quick-witted” with a stage presence that is “second to none.”   

An impressive showing in The Funniest Person in Texas Contest and The San Francisco Comedy
Festival spring boarded Matt to appearances on The Bob & Tom Radio Show, The Late Shift, and
Fox Television.  

He is well known in the industry as one of the most consistently funny performers on the club
circuit with talents that have taken him, not just coast-to-coast, but world-wide to entertain our
troops overseas in Korea, Japan and around the globe. His quick wit, relatable material, and very
likeable stage presence has garnered him many fans in the comedy world, along with broad
appeal among a wide demographic. He is continually amazed at the range of people - from all
walks of life - who have stopped to tell him how much they enjoyed his show.

Never angry or bitter, Matt’s views on dating and popular culture are just goodhearted and fun.
Come see this self-proclaimed square; everybody’s next door neighbor; who just happens to be

Comedy Clubs:
Rivercenter Comedy Club       San Antonio, TX                     Jeff Hines
Hyena’s Comedy Club              Fort Worth, TX                      Randy Butler
Looney Bin Comedy Club        Little Rock, AR                       Jeff Jones

Cap City Comedy Club             Austin, TX                               Rich Miller

Zanies Comedy Club                Chicago, IL                              Bert Haas

Other Clubs: Cap City Comedy Club, (Austin, TX), Laff-Stop, (Houston, TX), Looney Bin (Wichita
KS), Looney Bin (Oklahoma City), Looney Bin, (Tulsa, OK), Hyena’s (Arlington, TX), Zanies
Comedy Club, (Chicago, IL), Morty's Comedy Joint, (Indianapolis, IN) Comedy Showcase,
(Houston, TX), Funnybone Comedy Club, (South Bend, IN) 8th Street Comedy Club, (Odessa,
TX), Wild West Comedy Club, (Odessa, TX), Loonee's Comedy Corner, (Colorado Springs, CO),
Crazy Times Comedy Club, (Corpus Christi, TX), Laff's Comedy Cafe, (Tucson, AZ) Witt's End,
(Westminster, CO), Snicker's Comedy Club, (Fort Wayne, IN), Mason City Limits, (Mason City,
IL), Courtney's Comedy Club, (Fargo, ND)

Worked with:
Paul Varghese                      Los Angeles, CA / Dallas, TX

Rick Gutierrez                      San Antonio, TX

J.R. Brow                               Austin, TX     
Todd Yohn                            North Carolina             
Chris Fonseca                      Denver, CO              

Other Comics: Brad Upton, Marc Ryan, Chad Daniels, Jake Johanson, Robert
Hawkins, Ben Creed, Cowboy Bill Martin, Mike Lucas, Patrick DeGuire, Johnny Cavanah, A.
Whitney Brown, John Bizarre, Todd Glass, Dee McNary, Basile, Daniel Tosh, Steven Hirst, Chris
Cannon, Mark Britten, Laurie Killmartin, Ron White, Marc Ruben, Jeff Caldwell, Diane Ford, Cleto
Rodriguez, Kim Kerly, Ricky Kellman, Kenny Smith, Greg Morton, Colin Molten, Chris Warren,
Scotty Goff, John Evans, Steve McGrew, Doug Stanhope, and many others.


Affiliated Agencies:

Funny Business                    John Yoder

Tribble Productions             Dave Tribble

Summit Productions           Chuck Johnson
Charter Talent                       Bill Green

LMAO Productions              Daryl Felsberg

TV Appearances and other Media:
The Bob & Tom Show
Late Night Live with Cleto Rodriguez, San Antonio, TX
Late Shift with Kevin Ferguson, Fort Wayne, IN
Fox Television, KABB TV, Local San Antonio Fox Affiliate.
Texas Sports Radio Network  

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